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Condition de la femme viking

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> Viking Practices, Especially as Regards Women, copyright 1996 by Freyadisa

I don't trust this article's reliability (il contredit beaucoup de ce que j'ai lu sur les Vikings à jusqu'à présent, notamment les essais de R. Boyer, et n'est pas logiquement argumenté), mais il lance des pistes de réflexion intéressantes.

About Vikings
-Vikings is the condition of raiders, pirates, and bandits.
-Split (I don't think so) in the culture between the full-time warrior, usually a viking, and the full-time farmer, rarely a viking, often matter of opportunity and economics, as well as training, age, and personality.
-Weapons and war-training are the right of all free men, not just an upper class of warrior-nobility as in christian Europe.

Female Vikings
-Perhaps 1-5% percent of raiders.
-Only one has a saga named after her, and that often considered but part of a king's saga.
-Many women in sagas have arms training, and fight beside brothers, husbands, or lovers.
-They are usually described as beautiful or handsome, indicating masculine admiration for their warlike qualities, contrarily to our culture that assumes female warriors are man-haters / old maids too ugly to get a man / have foul temperaments.
-Many went unremarked: someone being pillaged is too busy running, fighting, or dying to check to see if beardlessness is youth or femininity, and armour by its weight flattens the best curves and aids androgyny (Breast-cup armour, as seen on opera Brunhildas, has no historicity. Plus it would be uncomfortable, inconvenient, and dangerous)
-A number of female viking captains are noted by foreign chroniclers, with female, mixed, or male crews. They were often of the upper classes, as the male captains.
-These women warriors come from all sexual orientations, heterosexual, homosexual, and neuter.

-It has nothing to do with "rape" and is best translated to as robbery or abduction.
-In the face of opposition, there isn't time to safely abuse women. What happens once they are carried off is up to the individual viking.
-Raiding is done for to get cash or valuables such as slaves: for foreign women worth ransoming, it would preclude sex as they would be worthless if carrying an illegitimate child.
-Rape, even of slaves, is not condoned nor encouraged. It is among the Norse that one hears of beautiful woman slaves being courted by the free men round about.
-Rape-mentality must not be assumed simply because it is common in our culture.

Medieval demonization.
-The "blood eagle" is a fiction invented by Christian writers.
-The Norse were allowed by their culture to live such uninhibited lives that they didn't need to be sadistic, and did not tie together sex and violence. The men did not hate and fear women, and so had no need to either rape them, or keep them in weaponless subjection.


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