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> The Age War

By viking law all men were to own their own weapons. Weapons were not only weapons but showed the owners status and wealth within the community. Main viking weapons included swords, bow and arrow, spears and of course the axe.

The spear were common viking weapons due to its simple design (an iron tip with an ash pole) and multiple uses. The spear could be thrusted or thrown. Some say that a skilled warrior could throw two at once or even catch one in mid flight.

Swords were for those of a high social status as they were costly to make. Blades were double edged and a little less than a metre long. Some swords had decorated hilts and many were given names such as ‘Legbiter’ or ‘Goldhilt.’

Axes may have been used instead swords in combat as the sword wasn't owned by everyone. Battle axe weilders couldnt hold a sheild so stayed behind the battle lines to charge out at the right time to cleave the enemy.


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