Pets, cattle, hunted animals.

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Pets, cattle, hunted animals.

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Furry pets, animals raised and hunted

- Cats: Skogkatt, Norwegian "Forest Cat"

- Dogs (mostly spitz-type)

Hunt Dogs

Norwegian Elkhound


Karelian Bear Dog (also called Bjornhund in Swedish or Karjalankarhukoira in Finnish)

Finnish Spitz (also known as the Barking Bird Dog. The Finnish name)

Gamel Donsk Hønsehund (not a spitz-type), ancestor of the breed now known as the Old Danish Bird Dog

Norwegian Lundehund or Puffin-Hound (Lundehund means "puffin-dog"), for hunting seabirds

Herd Dogs

Norwegian Buhund

Icelandic Sheepdog


Lapp Reindeer Dog


- Bear
Trapped as cubs, they were at times domesticated. Polar bears were considered a noble gift for a king, but brown bears were widely domesticated, and were even imported into Iceland as pets where they were known as "house bears."

Brown Bear (Ursus arctos)

Polar Bear (Ursus maritimus), at times called Ice Bear.

- Pigs & Boars
Pigs of the Viking Age were descended from the Eurasian Wild Boar (Sus scrofa).

Striped Piglets, Lejre (these piglets result of backcrossing between pigs and wild boar.)

Wild Boars

- Sheep

Gutefår or Gotlandic Sheep: These unusual sheep often had four, six or eight horns. Vikings valued theim for their wool, which was gathered by plucking or after it was shed naturally, for their meat (both lamb and mutton) and for their milk.

Icelandic Sheep

Manx Loghtan Sheep: often had multiple horns, sometimes growing the expected two horns, but could also have four or even six horns.

Hebridean Sheep: known for its hardiness and ability to thrive on sparse vegetation

- Cows
The Viking Age cow was a descendant of the great aurochs. This descent is recorded in the rune poem describing the rune uruz, symbolizing the aurochs:
is fearless
and greatly horned
a very fierce beast,
a famous roamer of the moor
it is a courageous animal.
Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem

- Bees: honey providers, they were highly valued.

- Goats
Goats were kept wherever sheep were raised, however they were regarded as a poor man's animal, as their fleece was of lesser quality than that of the sheep, though the goat tends to give more milk.

- Moose
- Elk
- Squirrels
- Marten
- Lynx
- Wolf

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